Technology Learning Centers

TLCs (Technology Learning Centers)

The SFDA provides assistance in the establishment of Technology Learning Centers in community centers and in technology learning tabs with other nonprofit. This assistance takes many forms including the donation of refurbished computer equipment, network analysis, training facilitation and community outreach.

What is a TLC?

A TLC is a Technology Learning Center that helps you to learn how to use technology to improve and enhance the quality of your life and that of your family. Some of the things you can do with a little

TLC include:

  1. enhance your education,
  2. find a new job,
  3. develop a new skill,
  4. connect to remote family member,
  5. find healthcare services,
  6. find entertainment,
  7. and more

South Florida Technology Learning Center project (TLC). The goal of TLC is to better prepare our community to participate and compete in the new digital society and digital economy by helping our residents become more adept at using new technologies. The TLC program provides access to technology, training, affordable technology packages and sustainable community outreach programs in order to address the education, social and economic realities of our community. The SFDA has developed a strategy to partner with the anchor institutions throughout the South Florida community to create a publicly-available digital infrastructure accessible to participants of all ages and to the small businesses of our community through the establishment of local community learning centers; primarily located in neighborhood parks, elder centers and nonprofit organizations.

The SFDA assists the hosting organization in the establishment of a TLC by providing refurbished hardware received through hardware/monetary donations to the SFDA. This equipment is securely wiped of all data using US DOD 5220.22-M (3 pass) standards and then relicensed with Microsoft operating systems and Office Productivity software (optional). The software utilized for the TLC project was donated in 2013 from Microsoft in a 1.1 Million dollar software grant to support this initiative and South Florida’s residents. Additionally, our member organizations have committed to providing in excess of 100 PCs annually to ensure adequate hardware to support the TLC Centers.

The support provided the SFDA is unique with each installation. The SFDA listens to the needs and challenges of the hosting organization to determine how to best support that organization.

Utilize a TLC Today

We encourage organizations in our community to utilize local TLCs! The SFDA will provide the hardware and software for a publicly accessible community location at no cost to the hosting organization.

The value that TLCs offer to communities include:

  1. Implementation of technology training centers in convenient locations for our residents
  2. Reduced cost structure for community organizations through shared community learning centers
  3. A technology base which will allow partners to deliver community outreach programs to reach a wider audience and assist them in “delivering their message” to benefit our residents.

The TLC program is a very unique, sustainable and reproducible model for technology education and community involvement.