Do you need colocation services? ANYWHERE FROM 1U AND UP TO A FULL CAGE!

If you’ve outgrown your IT Infrastructure, but you don’t have the space, capital or staff to efficiently expand. You’re faced with massive amounts of data growth, unstable application performance and an infrastructure that just won’t scale.

We offer the space, power and systems to grow your IT Infrastructure at the speed you grow your business, protect your assets against extreme weather conditions and assure business continuity.


Key Benefits:

  1. Improved reliability & availability through redundant infrastructure backed by service level agreements
  2. Increased efficiency & performance through purpose-built design
  3. Reduced costs relative to building your own data center
  4. Rapid scalability to add more physical space or increase densities as needed
  5. Risk mitigation through on-site security, video surveillance and other measures
  6. Compliance with regulatory requirements validated by third-party auditing
  7. Assisting community projects

What Makes Us Stand Out:

  • Reliable N+1 design with concurrent maintainability provides complete infrastructure redundancy
  • High-density, scalable power with support for up to 12 kW per rack allows you to upgrade in place – which means lower equipment costs, reduced install fees and less hassle for you

Miami Data Vault

Miami Data Vault 1
  • Miami Data Vault (MDV) is one the few facilities in Miami with SSAE-16 certification. MDV services include secure colocation space, in a carrier-neutral environment ensuring clients that 100% of their data is safe and secure 24/7.
  • The hurricane-proof facility is constructed of steel reinforced concrete. MDV features nearly 14-foot ceilings with floor load capacity of over 200 pounds per square foot. In total, the MDV has over 100,000 square feet of complete protection for all types of equipment.

NAP of the Americas

  • The NAP of the Americas in Miami, Florida, is one of the largest and most connected datacenters in the world.
  • NAP of the Americas, located in downtown Miami, provides managed hosting, security, disaster recovery, colocation, peering, and cloud computing services—all with high efficiency and seamless carrier-neutral connectivity.
  • The Miami NAP facility offers many available services from 160 network service providers to businesses, governments, and consumers around the world. With a wide selection of domestic fiber backbones in the facility, provides exceptional performance and support for virtually any approved carrier a customer may require.