E - rate

What is ERate?

ERATE is a Federal Program that provides annual funding support to assist Schools and Libraries obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access. The program was originally established during President Clinton’s administration. ERATE has provided several billion dollars supporting the advancement of technology in our Nation’s Schools and Libraries.  $2.5 billion is allocated each year for ERATE.

Why do I need ERate?

Educational institutions continually seek out innovative ways to improve the quality and reach of education, and are challenged to meet the growing high bandwidth demands for new applications while ensuring information security and content filtering. At the same time, they must control costs while providing the highest quality education.

Our Fiber Optics Services Improves Education

  • Connectivity for multiple schools to a hub location using Ethernet bridges for centralized Internet and voice connections provides tremendous cost savings
  • Move data storage and applications to cloud-based servers without sacrificing user performance
  • Network Architecture that enables the centralized management of important functions like content filtering and Internet security
  • High performance networking by leveraging Comcast’s enhanced fiber optic network – all traffic stays on net, even remote users
  • Easy and cost-effective ways to grow as budgets permit
  • Scalable bandwidth from 1Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Flexible Class of Service options to meet the different application performance requirements
  • SFDA is an experienced E-Rate partner
  • We can help schools and libraries defray the costs of deploying communications and Internet services