The South Florida Digital Alliance is an unprecedented collaboration of diverse South Florida entities representing government, healthcare, education, nonprofit organizations and the private sector. Our shared goal is to increase South Florida’s economic competitiveness through the support of digital literacy programs and the elimination of the “digital divide”, especially in the underserved areas of our community. The mission of the South Florida Digital Alliance is to transform the community through the promotion of digital literacy and the adoption of affordable broadband access by all citizens of South Florida. What makes the Alliance unique are our members; anchor institutions throughout South Florida working together toward common goals:


  • The elimination of the “digital divide” in South Florida
  • The education of our community on the use of the tools of technology. Painting the picture on how new technology skills and a fully connected community will create new economic, educational and social opportunities for our citizens and business community
  • Raising the TQ – Technology Quotient – of our community with the goal of attracting new businesses and industries that require a skilled workforce.