The South Florida Digital Alliance Inc (SFDA) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable foundation whose mission is to expand digital literacy and provide connectivity to all South Florida residents regardless of income level.   Specifically, the Alliance’s goals for South Florida are:

  • Educating our community in the use of the tools of technology. Painting the picture of how new technology skills and a fully connected community can enhance the quality of life for all residents.
  • Increasing access for South Florida residents to the tools of technology by establishing community based Technology Learning Centers (TLCs) in convenient public spaces; especially, in “underserved areas” of our community.
  • Assisting nonprofit and educational organizations with affordable connectivity, technology assets,  services and training
  • Connecting all residents of our community to affordable technology assets, access and training.
  • Sponsoring technology learning programs and events to increase the adoption of technology and technology skills and to educate our residents about how technology and applications can provide new economic, educational and social opportunities.
  • Refurbishing and relicensing donated technology equipment to be used in community learning  centers, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions.
  • Recycling donated equipment that cannot be repurposed in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines.