Connecting Our Community

An expanded network of interns to assist in refurbishing equipment and implementing public, community technology learning centers


Digital Advancement & Excellence Awards

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 | 6:30pm.

An evening of celebration, tasty delights, and spirit-filled libations, the event was a great success; fun had by all. Funds raised help support the South Florida Digital Alliance and our community-focused programs and initiatives.

The Night in Review

Ways to Help

Follow the footsteps of many individuals and organizations by joining our grassroots efforts!!

Ways to Help

What is a TLC

A TLC is a Technology Learning Center that helps you to learn how to use technology to improve and enhance the quality of your life and that of your family. Some of the things you can do with a little TLC include.

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Empowering South Florida through Technology

The SFDA empowers our community through: Reboot, TLC, Raise and Protect.

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Supporting Attainment of competitive technology skill sets by South Florida residents.

The South Florida Digital Alliance

The South Florida Digital Alliance Inc. (SFDA) is a Nonprofit 501(c) (3) charitable foundation whose mission is to expand digital literacy and provide connectivity to all citizens regardless of income level, throughout South Florida.

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In our global society, the development of technology skills has become a necessity for individuals seeking to excel in education, communications, and economic activities.

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The South Florida Digital Alliance is an unprecedented collaboration of diverse South Florida entities representing government, healthcare, education, nonprofit organizations and the private sector. Our shared goal is to increase South Florida’s economic competitiveness through the support of digital literacy programs and the elimination of the “digital divide”, especially in the underserved areas of our community.

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There are 19 Technology Learning Centers (public access to computers & internet) throughout Miami-Dade & Broward Counties. Please click below for a map of locations:

The SFDA is a nonprofit organization that relies on the generous financial and in-kind support from our local community; helping to facilitate our public programs and initiatives.

Our core initiatives by the numbers:

  • REBOOT INITIATIVE | 1910 Computers placed into community
  • LEVEL-UP INITIATIVE | 430 Laptops loaned for community programs
  • LEVEL-UP INITIATIVE | 912 Participants in our community training programs
  • Technology Learning Centers (TLCs) | 16 Centers with 164 Computers

Join the SFDA

With your help we will indeed be able to connect our community to a brighter future. Our organization is in need of:

1. Network

An expanded network of interns to assist in refurbishing equipment and implementing public, community technology learning centers.

2. Volunteers

Volunteers from technology service companies

3. Support

And most importantly, additional funding in the form of corporate sponsorships, grants and donations to offset connectivity, hardware, maintenance and support costs.

Membership Form

To join the SFDA, please download and complete the membership form below. Once completed, please send to

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The SFDA’s mission is to assist all of South Florida’s residents in leveraging technology to create economic, educational, and social opportunites..


James E Osteen

Bridging the digital divide in South Florida is important to me because technology is the ‘silver bullet’ to improving our local economy.


Hugo Alvarez

Imagine if your access to the digital world of online shopping, travel reservations, job applications, email, …, was shut off. Your life would be more difficult, expensive, inconvenient, and limited. Many people in South Florida lack the opportunities…

Peter Korinis

Become A Volunteer

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